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How to Get the Most Out of College:
127 Ways to Make Connections, Make it Work for You, and Make a Difference 

Elliot Felix

How to Get the Most Out of College combines a unique perspective, format, and structure. Rather than see college as something to navigate, this book helps students see college as something they take charge of to create their best experience and combine academic, social, and career aspects of college.

The practical suggestions on how to do this are formatted to be easily browsed and understood, with a sentence or two on what to do, the evidence and reasoning behind it, and how to do it, along with a short student story so students can hear from each other directly.

These tips and suggestions are structured in a way that provides general advice to help all students; first on what to know before they go to college and then on the core aspects of the college experience: classes, support services, community, campus, technology, and career. These are complemented by specific advice for different student identities: first-generation students, students with disabilities, students of color, students with children, LGBTQ+ students, transfer students, veteran students, and student-athletes.

How can all students get the most out of college? Elliot Felix, Founder, Brightspot Strategy, and Partner, Buro Happold, and an educational consultant to more than 100 colleges and universities shares short, practical advice that connects the academic, social, and career aspects of college to help students, parents, and higher education leaders see the student experience not as something to navigate or get through but as an experience to create using the building blocks in the book.

Primary Markets:

  • Students, and parents of students, who are interested in maximizing the college experience.

  • Higher Education Administrators (Presidents, Provosts, Deans, and heads of Student Affairs, Technology, and Facilities) who are interested in improving the student experience.

Buy One, Give One: 

For each copy sold, one will be donated to a student in need.


If you have suggestions for helping us reach groups of students in need, please email

Elliot on HOW to go to College

Elliot on Design Thinking and the Higher Ed. Experience


​"Usually, books like this are obvious and useless. But How to Get the Most Out of College is uniquely savvy, insightful, and research based, on both finding the right college and thriving once you're there."


John Katzman

Founder of The Princeton Review, 2U, and Noodle

"Who wouldn't benefit from a roadmap for the college search AND what to do on campus? This book offers students – both those students who may not have a family member guiding them AND those who think they already know it all – a series of suggestions to find and benefit from institutions that value students in the co-creation of their education. A great read to inspire your selection process."

Tom Ellett

Chief Experience Officer, (CXO), Quinnipiac University

"This is a well-researched “Insider’s guide” to college that will empower students and their support structures to prepare, develop a sense of belonging, and be successful."

Cedric Howard

Vice President of Student Affairs, University of Northern Colorado

"This is the book I wish my daughter had when she went to school. It invites readers to take hold of their lives as students with a friendly tone and a format that’s easy to read and easy to use. Felix has done his research and is able to engage readers around serious issues but with a relatable style."

Marybeth Gasman

Distinguished Professor, Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education and Executive Director, Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Leadership, Equity, & Justice & Rutgers Center for Minority Serving Institutions

“Empowering students to design their own experience is so important to their success. This book is a great resource to help all students make use of the campus, technology, and support services to help them succeed.” 

Sukhwant Jhaj, Vice Provost for Academic Innovation and Student Achievement, Arizona State University

"This book provides students with a superb blueprint to shape their own educational experience and empowers them to get the most out of college. From technology to relationships to career paths, this book covers tremendous ground with information that is lucid, practical and written with conviction. A must read for any college student." 

Sanjit Sethi, President, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

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  • Preface

  • How to Use this Book

  • Part 1: Know Yourself and Your College Options

    • Chapter 1    Knowing Yourself

    • Chapter 2    Knowing Your College Options

  • Part 2: General Advice to Set Your Foundation

    • Chapter 3    Thriving in Class

    • Chapter 4    Feeling Supported

    • Chapter 5    Building Relationships

    • Chapter 6    Mastering Technology

    • Chapter 7    Enjoying your Campus

    • Chapter 8    Exploring Career Paths

  • Part 3: Specific Advice to Meet Different Needs

    • Introduction to Part 3

    • Chapter 9    First-Generation Students

    • Chapter 10    Students with Children

    • Chapter 11    Students with Disabilities

    • Chapter 12    LGBTQ+ Students

    • Chapter 13    Students of Color

    • Chapter 14    International Students

    • Chapter 15    Veteran Students

    • Chapter 16    Transfer Students

    • Chapter 17    Student Athletes

  • Conclusion

  • Acknowledgments

  • Bibliography



About the Author

Elliot Felix is an author, speaker, consultant, teacher, and father on a mission to make college work for all students. He has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, and The Chronicle of Higher Education; spoken at SxSW Edu; taught courses on innovation, and worked with over 100 colleges and universities to improve their spaces, support services, and technology.

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Student Testimonials


"Instead of an old-school guide explaining exactly what the right way to "do" college is, this innovative book let’s readers take the information they want and mold it into exactly what works for them."


Natalie Passov

Recent Graduate, UMass Amherst

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A knowledgeable, enthusiastic guide packed with strategies and encouragement. 

Read entire Kirkus Review

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