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Alinea / ə.li.nē.ə / (noun)

• Referring to the ¶ symbol used to indicate a new paragraph

• A genus of lizards


In addition to a fondness for lizards, at Alinea Learning we focus on providing instructors and students with contemporary, empirically-based learning materials at affordable prices. As the Alinea symbol ¶ indicates a new paragraph, i.e. a new line of thought, we plan to bring new thinking to academic publishing.

We are thankful for the freedom to be diverse and eclectic. We will not produce the templated one-size-fits-all courseware that seems favored by today’s big commercial publishers. And we will not target the biggest course areas with the highest enrollments and the most profit potential. Rather, we will select our publications carefully, looking for specific and unique opportunities to enhance student learning and to promote exceptional scholarship.

Da Diptych, left.


Oil pastel on paper.

13” x 24”


Da Diptych, right.


Oil pastel on paper.

11” x 23”

Our first publication, Stephen M. Kosslyn’s Active Learning Online: Five Principles that Make Online Courses Come Alive represents our mission emphatically. Dr. Kosslyn’s book is predicated on the Learning Sciences and provides current and future instructors the tools they need to create successful, outcome-based online courses.

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