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The Baronett Philosophy Collection



The author of Logic, 5e, a bestselling textbook published by Oxford University Press, Stan Baronett recently set out to create an inexpensive, yet comprehensive, classical philosophy textbook for introductory undergraduate courses.



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Classic Readings in Philosophy is a 437 page textbook of classic philosophical readings, curated and annotated to meet the needs of undergraduate introductory courses.

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This book is available through Alinea Learning for just $8.99 in ebook format and $17.99 in paperback (when 10 or more copies are ordered for a course).  

In addition to Classic Readings in Philosophy, Alinea Learning offers 3 other books written by Stan Baronett.  Each book is sold separately but is also available for free to courses where Classic Readings in Philosophy has been adopted.  Email us if you are an instructor who is interested in this offer.

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