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Active Learning Online by Stephen M. Kosslyn (eBook)

The massive disruption of the Covid pandemic offers limitless possibilities to improve education, and Stephen M. Kosslyn, President and Chief Learning Officer, Foundry College; John Lindsley Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Harvard University, provides an excellent guide to show us how.

Active Learning Online,clearly explains the science behind the benefits of active learning theory and provides concrete examples of how to re-design learning activities to stimulate, engage, and motivate students in online environments.


We’ve been reading the research for decades about how lectures and rote learning are not as effective as active engagement. We know we can lose children academically when they aren’t interested in a particular subject or area of study. In this easy to read book, Kosslyn describes the five key principles to make whatever you are teaching better and more meaningful for your learners.


​This book is a must-read for anyone teaching at any level and for parents to understand how their children learn best.  

Active Learning Online by Stephen M. Kosslyn (eBook)

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