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Your First Year Teaching Computer Science by Chris Gregg (eBook)

If you are wondering where to begin as a computer science teacher, this is the book for you!


Your First Year Teaching Computer Science by Chris Gregg, Stanford University,  is a comprehensive guide to teaching computer science geared to new instructors in the field. It can be used as a guide and a reference, and it provides multiple examples of how to construct teaching materials, how to prepare lectures, how to write assignments, how to train TAs, and how to advise students, among many other topics. It is both motivational and instructive, and it provides a foundation on which to become a great CS instructor. Teaching computer science involves more than just “teaching the material,” and this book details all of the other parts of teaching that you will need to know to do the job.



Primary Market: college and high school instructors of computer science; students in teacher education courses on computer science methods; university teaching assistants


Courses: Computer Science Teaching Methods

Your First Year Teaching Computer Science by Chris Gregg (eBook)

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